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The Nature of the Soul

A textbook on the Art and Science of Meditation
“In all times and places, each culture had its Mystery Schools and Traditions. These esoteric paths of training reached beyond morality and philosophy, to that Spiritual Alchemy which transformed the spiritual seeker into a conscious co-creator, empowered to take up the work of spiritual evolution upon this planet.
The internal disciplines of Visualization, Concentration, and Meditation, were designed to produce those evolutionary changes and growth within the brain that allowed the indwelling Consciousness greater perception and creativity within the arena of matter.
The title of Adept or Master meant the mastery of mental, emotional and physical matter. This was not abandonment, but the joyful re-creation of our world into harmony with the Divine Plan.
This class, "The Nature of the Soul", provides in-depth training in this Art and Science. Step by step, the student will be instructed in those techniques that will unfold the Soul within the personality, and which will allow that Soul to take up its Service within our World.
The techniques taught are a synthesis of Eastern and Western Mystery Tradition, but are especially designed for the Western Student.”


The Nature of the Soul is an original work of Lucille Cedercrans.
Every effort has been made to respect and preserve the integrity of the author.

Formatting © Bernadette Rosenstiel. All rights reserved.

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